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I am an Ecuadorian artist, animal rights activist and dog lover, my works of art hang in the homes of Hollywood luminaries like Orlando Bloom, Lionel Richie, Katie Perry, Ryan Seacrest, William Shatner and César Millán ...

For the past few years I have used my art to capture the connection between the person and their canine companion. I attribute my success to my "special artistic sensibility to express visually" this link. My art is tactile and interactive because I believe that "we want to feel our pets, even if it is through a work of art".


My work is based on the colors of the aura and the deep connection between human beings and their pets. When you hug your pet or share a moment of love with her there is an exchange of energy, frequencies and vibrations, my job is to interpret all this through art.

Here is a description of the basic colors and their effect:


After many trials experiencing materials and techniques my art work has become tactile and interactive.

We always want to feel our pets even in an art piece. My passion and craft has driven me to use various tools

like: lenticulars, anamorphism, ferrofluids, magnets, textures such as acrylics, leather, fabrics,

embroidery and some engineering such as gears and cogs,etc. These materials

gives the work a feeling of being alive and creating unique personal moment.

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